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About Team Training at The Baseball Zone


For over 11 years now, The Baseball Zone has hosted many of the game's top athletes and teams for offseason and inseason training. From the ideal training environment to access to world-class facilities, The Baseball Zone offers youth, high school, OBA, Little League & Elite travel teams the opportunity to customize their own training experience. Whether it’s reserving training space for on-site training or building a tailored training schedule with help from our esteemed coaches and staff led by Rick Johnston & Ryan Armstrong, The Baseball Zone's reputation as a leader in performance training provides the perfect foundation for any team’s offseason and inseason training.  

What Are Your Team Demo Options?

  • Private Team Training - Designed with and for your group exclusively, this option is the most tailored program your group can participate in. Whether your focus is on Hitting, Pitching, Fielding or another aspect of the game, we can develop a program alongside you to prepare your team for the coming season as well as for the long term. We will be happy to prepare a Team Session for you in any one of these areas:
    • Hitting
    • Pitching
    • Defence (includes positional breakdown and throwing development)
  • Strength & Conditioning - Baseball is a POWER sport and POWER is a product of STRENGTH and SPEED. Working with our sister company SST (Sports Specific Training) Mississauga located right here in The Baseball Zone, we are able bring you world class strength & conditioning training for your team. While our Team Demos are in a group format, your team can ultimately choose to work as a group or individually and be trained the right way by the right professionalsWe will be happy to prepare a Team Session for you in any of these areas:
    • Strength/Power Training
    • Speed Training

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