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FAST - Functional Applied Speed Training for Baseball

Some say speed kills - we say speed WINS!

"In September my son was the 2nd slowest runner on his baseball team. I decided to enrol him in the 4 month FAST speed training program. What a difference! In January he was the 3rd fastest on the team and I was shocked. The FAST program shaved 0.24 seconds off his 10 yard time in 16 weeks. Best money I ever spent!" - Chris, North York

Join us along with SST Canada today - Canada's #1 Speed Training Program 

Each FAST Program consists of:

2 weekly training sessions:

Session #1 - Focuses on linear speed, running technique, starting speed & acceleration

Session #2 - Teaches athletes how to improve lateral movement, agility, acceleration & deceleration

Choose to attend your TWO weekly sessions from:

3 class times:

Mondays & Wednesdays 6-7PM

Saturdays 12-1PM

Training sessions include:

  • Dynamic warm up & mobility training
  • Rapid response foot drills
  • Plyometric training
  • Ladder drills
  • Hurdles
  • Technical training
  • Acceleration/deceleration drills
  • Overspeed/resistance training

Get your Speed Pack for:


One month - $199

8 FAST Sessions

Four months - $649

32 FAST Sessions

Membership - $149 monthly*

FAST Membership
(Prices do not include HST)
* - 6 month minimum


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