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2017 Summer Baseball Clinic Programs

Our fun, flexible & fast-paced Summer Clinics are just the thing you need to keep your game at its peak all season long


Summer Clinic Flex Pack FAQ's

"So how do your Summer Clinics differ from the Clinics you run the rest of the year?"

  • In the Fall and Winter, we run our various group clinics on the same day and time of the week, every week. While we LOVE the discipline and routine that training in the off-season provides, the season gets too busy to be able to do that. So that is why we come up with a super-flexible summer schedule every year - this way no matter what your schedule is from week to week, you can find a class that fits, and more importantly, is going to help make you better!

“How does my Summer Clinic Flex Pack work?”  

  • You purchase the FLEX PACK of your choice.
  • Design your own schedule and choose from any of the dates listed on our monthly calendar.
  • No reservation required! Just show up at the date and time that works for you.
  • Receive an hour of coaching feedback, drills and purposeful baseball practice that you can apply in every game.
  • Guaranteed to get some 1 on 1 time with a coach in each session to personalize that feedback.

“What will I focus on in each session?”  

Well it depends on which type of session you show up to.  We have 3 Types of Clinics to choose from;

  • Hitting & Pitching – Focusing on overall skill development such as; increasing power and velocity and improving contact and accuracy
  • Hitting Plus+ & Pitching Plus+ – Skill development from an in-game perspective including; making adjustments and understanding situations

  • High Performance; Hitting, Pitching, or Live – Designed for the more experienced player. Each session will attempt to simulate specific situations, especially the LIVE sessions which incorporate LIVE pitching to hitters.

“Can I use my Flex Pack for more than one kind of Clinic?”   

  • YES! You can use your Flex Pack sessions for ANY of our 2017 Summer Clinics.


Choose any of the great pricing options below for YOUR 2017 Summer Clinic Flex Pack:


Pay-As-You-Go - $25 per session

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Buy 4 Get 1 FREE - $100  Save $25

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Buy 8 Get 4 FREE - $200  Save $100

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Flex Pack Membership - $599   Save $100's

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2017 October Flex Schedule.png

If you have any questions about the 2017 Summer Clinic Flex Pack just fill out the short form on the right of the page and we will get back to you shortly!

Notes: Prices are subject to HST. Any unused sessions expire October 6, 2017, yet may have further value subject solely to The Baseball Zone's discretion. But hey - with over 200 sessions this summer you'll have plenty of chances to use yours and buy another one!!!


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